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Cypress spurge

Cypress spurge

Cypress spurge

(Euphorbia cyparissias)

Priority: -  Contain

Tags: Terrestrial

Identification and Reproduction


  • Perennial.
  • Small, linear leaves in whorl pattern. 
  • Yellow flowers grow in bunches.
  • Yellow-green bracts under flowers. 
  • Flowers turn purple-red when mature.
  • Less than one foot tall.
  • Plants have a milky sap.



  • Reproduces vegetatively through lateral root shoots or seeds.

Habitat & Ecology

  • Sun or partial shade.
  • Produces thick stands.
  • Mostly in dry areas.


  • Invades pastures and disturbed sites.
  • May be toxic to animals.


  • Mowing (before seeding).
  • Herbicide at early bud.
  • May need to do repeat herbicide applications.
  • Biocontrol may be available.