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The Fraser Valley Invasive Species Society is dedicated to taking action to reduce the impacts of invasive species in the Fraser Valley.

The Fraser Valley Invasive Species Society (FVISS) is a non-profit organization that has been working to minimize the negative ecological, social, and economic impacts caused by the introduction and spread of invasive plants since 2009, and as of 2017, will continue its work to include invasive fauna. The FVISS is comprised of a Board of Directors, an Executive Director, and approximately 100 engaged and committed stakeholder members from diverse backgrounds.

 The FVISS operates under a pooled funding model whereby land managers from various entities provide funding for invasive species management in their jurisdictions. This funding approach allows for efficient and effective work planning and site and species prioritization, as well as the treatment of invasive species that cross jurisdictional boundaries without additional costs for transportation and field supplies. These entities also refer inquiries to the FVISS, who offer education and outreach to landowners and members of the public.

The purposes of the Fraser Valley Invasive Species Society are:

To raise awareness and educate the public, government agencies, and other land managers about invasive species and their impacts in the area;

To prevent the further introduction and spread of invasive species in the area through education and awareness, early detection and control, and coordinated integrated invasive species management efforts;

To promote coordinated and collaborative management of invasive species between agencies and land occupiers;

To work towards the control/containment of highly invasive non-native species;

To provide a conduit for information and a source of expertise on invasive species; and,

To develop and maintain a comprehensive inventory of invasive species within the area of responsibility.