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The Fraser Valley Invasive Species Society (FVISS) is a non-profit society made up of volunteer members representing local and provincial government, NGO's, First Nations, naturalist clubs, industry, and the interested public. Members are committed to reducing the negative impacts caused by invasive plants. We are one of a network of 17 regional invasive species councils throughout the province, and work closely with these other councils and the Invasive Species Council of BC.

We work within the boundaries of the Fraser Valley Regional District, which includes eight Electoral Areas and six municipalities: Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Harrison Hot Springs, Hope, Kent, and Mission.


The purposes of the Fraser Valley Invasive Species Society are:

  1. To raise awareness and educate the public, government agencies, and other land managers about invasive species and their impacts in the area;
  2. To prevent the further introduction and spread of invasive species in the area through education and awareness, early detection and control, and coordinated integrated invasive species management efforts;
  3. To promote coordinated and collaborative management of invasive species between agencies and land occupiers;
  4. To work towards the control/containment of highly invasive non-native species;
  5. To provide a conduit for information and a source of expertise on invasive species; and,
  6. To develop and maintain a comprehensive inventory of invasive species within the area of responsibility.