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Dalmatian toadflax

Dalmatian toadflax

Dalmatian toadflax

(Linaria genistifolia spp Dalmatica)

Priority: -  Contain

Tags: Agricultural | Terrestrial

Identification and Reproduction


  • Perennial.
  • Yellow flowers resemble snapdragons, leaves are heart-shaped.
  • Leaves are pale green, rubbery, alternate.
  • Has milky sap.
  • Plant may have dozens of flowering stems, very prolific seeder (up to 500,000 annually).


  • Seeds spread by wind, animals, birds.
  • Plant spreads by lateral roots as well.

Habitat & Ecology

  • Invades forest plantations, pastures, hay fields, likes coarse soils.
  • Survives as root crown through winters.
  • Vertical roots may extend down 6 feet.


  • Infests forage, grasslands, invades cultivated fields, and disturbed or open sites, competes with native plants.
  • Toxicity means that grazing livestock avoid it.
  • Somewhat cold hardy.
  • Reduces biodiversity.


  • Does have natural enemies, including weevils.
  • It may help to keep grasslands covered to reduce chances for competition.
  • Mowing and burning may only encourage grow, not be effective.
  • Herbicides may be effective.