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Slender False Brome

Slender False Brome

Slender False Brome

(Brachypodium sylvaticum)

Priority: -  Prevent

Tags: EDRR

Identification and Reproduction


  • Slender false brome is a perennial bunch grass that grows up to 0.4 m tall. 
  • Leaf blades tend to droop and are lime-green in colour. It is remains green through the summer. 

  • Lower stem is covered in thin hairs. 
  • Inflorescence are drooping and composed of long spikelets are long on short pedicels. Flowers from May through July.
  • Long awns are found at the end of the spikelets. 


  • It reproduces by seed and does not spread by rhizomes but stem and root fragments can still regrow.
  • Seeds can be carried on animals, humans and vehicles. 

Habitat & Ecology

  • This plant has begun to invade shaded forest edges, open grassland and roadsides. 
  • It grows well in both shade and sun to moist and dry soils. 
  • Although it does not spread vegetatively, individual plants grow close together forming dense patches. 
  • There has been one confirmed site in BC; Cowichan Valley. 



  • It easily out-competes native forest understory and grassland species. 
  • Studies have shown that slender false brome suppresses survival and growth of conifer seedlings. Their roots halt seedling germination and are quick to absorb water. 
  • Forms thick stands altering habitat and biodiversity of the landscape. 


Prevention is a high priority for this plant.

  • Avoid transporting unknown soil or plant material.  
  • Ensure that shoes, pets, equipment, vehicles and tools are clean and free of debris. 


For more for details check out the Invasive Species Compendium datasheet on Brachypodium sylvaticum. 

Download the BC Invasive Species Alert! for Slender False-Brome here. 

Header photo (Stefan.lefnaer).