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Shiny Geranium

Shiny Geranium

Shiny Geranium

(Geranium lucidum)

Priority: -  Prevent

Tags: Terrestrial | EDRR

Identification and Reproduction


  • Shiny geranium is an annual herbaceous plant. 
  • Stems are long, brittle, red and can reach up to 35 cm long. Stems spreading laterally or can grow upright up to 50 cm tall.  
  • Leaves are round or kidney-shaped, shiny with 5-7 lobes that are also individually shallowly lobed. 

  • Flowers bloom from April/May to late July. It produces small pink flowers that are composed of 5 petals. 
  • Seed capsules look like a long beak, are ridged and tips will turn red when ripe. 


  • Reproduces by seeds that are ejected from the parent plant when ripe. 
  • Seeds are dispersed by wildlife, humans and on water passages. 

Habitat & Ecology

  • Shiny geranium grows in well-shaded woodlands and forest edges. 
  • Typically growing along side with another invasive, herb Robert (Geranim robertianum). 
  • Can also hybridize with other geraniums. 
  • Currently limited and found in the Greater Victoria Region. 



  • Dominates understorey ground cover and threatens species at risk. 
  • Emerges earlier than native species and can cover ground and take up resources quickly.
  • Crowds out native seedlings.  


Prevention is a high priority for this plant. 

  • Clean shoes, tools, clothing, pets and vehicles prior to leaving an infested site.
  • Help map and report this plant if you think you have seen it. 

Mechanical/Manual Contol: 

  • Small infestations can be removed by hand-pulling. Ensure to remove entire root systems. 
  • Larger patchs can be controlled by covering with sheet mulch using cardboard or woodchips to suppress growth. 
  • Monitor for several years as seed bank can presist after removal. 


Download the Government of BC's Invasive Species Alert for Shiny Geranium here.

For more information on identificaiton and control check out the King Country datasheet on Shiny geranium here

Header photo (Cwmhiraeth).