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Purple Deadnettle

Purple Deadnettle

Purple Deadnettle

(Lamium purpureum )

Priority: -  Control

Tags: Terrestrial

Identification and Reproduction


  • Purple deadnettle is an annual or a biennial plant in the Lamiaceae (mint) family.
  • It has square stems, fibrous roots, and typically do not exceed 30 cm. 
  • Leaves are opposite, oval-shaped, purple to lavender, and crowd near the top of the stem.
  • The flowers are pink or reddish-purple with a whorl-like arrangement. 


  • The flowers are self-pollinating and usually bloom in the spring.
  • The plant can re-grow from fragments of the roots or stem.

Habitat & Ecology

  • This plant favours exposed open environments. 
  • Often found in meadows, forest edges, roadsides and gardens. 



  • Like many species in the mint family, purple deadnettle is an aggressive grower. 
  • Rapidly covers any available growing space and will steal nutrients and water from other vegetation. 


Mechanical/Manual Control:

  • Small infestations can easily be removed by hand pulling. Removed plants should be bagged and disposed of. 
  • Cutting plants prior to flowering will prevent further spread. 
  • Do not leave any plant fragments on site as these will re-establish. 
  • Sheet mulching is also effective - instructions can be found here.


Download the Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team's Factsheet on Purple Dead-nettle here

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