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Bindweed (Morning Glory)

Bindweed (Morning Glory)

Bindweed (Morning Glory)

(Convolvulus arvensis)

Priority: -  Control

Tags: Terrestrial

Identification and Reproduction


  • Perennial vine weed plant with weak stems that can climb vertically. 
  • Leaves are alternating, arrowhead or triangular in shape. 

  • Bindweed has tubular, trumpet-shaped flowers that range from light pink to white. They consist of five fused petals that are pleated. 


  • Can reproduce vegetatively from roots, rhizomes and stem fragments. 
  • Creeping roots can extend as long as 4 meters. 
  • Bindweed is an aggressive seed producer. Seeds can be spread by water, birds, or even by us! Seeds can remain dormant up to 30 years. 

Habitat & Ecology

It is a highly adaptive plant and incredibly resilient against drought. Can be found anywhere.



Field bindweed are known to be the most stubborn weed species, ranking top ten of the world. They can hinder native species growth by winding around plants and choking them out, competing nutrients, and creating shade.


Mechanical/Manual Control:

  • Eradicating bindweed is very difficult, as their roots can develop a root system that is 5 to 10m deep and 4 m in diameter. Removing them physically requires dedication and a regular schedule.
  • Avoid digging and soil tilling, as this will fragment roots and further disperse the plant. 
  • Hand pulling will be effective for small infestations. 
  • Smothering existing plants with mulch, tarps or plastic mats are also a management measure. Plants may need to be covered for several years as roots will continually resprout. 
  • Do not compost the plant, gather and ensure they are placed in the landfill.

Chemical Control: 

  • Herbicide can be painted or brushed on bindweed leaves. 
  • It is recommended to use glyphosate on bindweed. 
  • Please carefully read and follow herbicide labels prior to application.  


For further details on Hedge Bindweed control please refer to the Metro Vancouver Best Management Practices for Hedge Bindweed (pg. 12-20)

Download the Metro Vancouver Factsheet on  Hedge Bindweed here.

Download the King County Noxious Weed Control Program Weed Alert for Hedge Bindweed and Field Bindweed. Note this is a US resource and Canadian guidelines and regulations may differ. Be sure to read and follow product labels prior to use. 

For more information on how to control bindweed click here

Header photo (Muriel Bendel). 

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