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Guided Nature Sessions: Invasive Weed Pull

 Guided Nature Sessions: Invasive Weed Pull

Posted Date: May 02, 2022

Date and time:

Sun, May 15th, 2022, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM



May is Invasive Species Action Month! Walk ~1km (round trip) along a new graveled trail, built by community volunteers, that follows Chilliwack Creek. In this beautiful area, invasive plants like English holly and English Ivy are spreading, threatening to crowd out natural vegetation and damage trees.

Along the way, learn to identify common invasive and local plants, see how the plants spread and their impacts, learn about helpers (both insect and human) who control these invasive plant populations, and discover how you can help in the battle against invasive plants.

After the walk, we get to work by cutting, pulling, and removing these invasive species to give our native plants a helping hand.


Part of the City of Chilliwack's Guided Nature Sessions Series.


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